Tuesday, 13 March 2012

GG - Filming complete

We are now confident that we have finished all the filming we need for our music video. We have had to do endless re-shoots and numerous rough cut edits but, this has only helped us make sure we produce the best video we can.

We have taken into account all the audience feedback we received from our class mates and friends. The main changes we have made are; instead of 3 scenarios there are now 5, we will use less of the performance footage and we have improved our framing of shots. 

We have imported all of our shots into Final Cut and now plan to start our final edit. 

GG - Digipak and Mag ad photo's

We have managed to get the photo's for our digipak and magazine ad done. Our idea was to find a swing on its own and in a run down area. After weeks of searching we found one that fit the bill and manage to take some photos.
The plan for our digipak is to have a shot of a person of the swing from the front (front panel) and the same shot from behind (back panel) 

For our magazine ad we plan to use the image to the left whilst adding text and other small images of the digipak. 

All photos were taken by John Gamble: http://www.flickr.com/photos/johngamblesnaps/

Friday, 2 March 2012

4th Rough Cut

Here is our 4th and nearing final rough cut for The Swing Movement - Jigsaw. It contains both performance and narrative. Filmed on a Nikon D300s and edited on Final Cut Pro X.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

GG - Evidencing auto focus

During our performance footage we use an auto focus lens, part of the Nikon D300s which we filmed on. Our reasoning for doing this, other than because we liked the effect, was because we wanted to create the image that it is more about the music then the band image. This idea was used a lot for The Pixies work and we wanted to incorporate this idea in with our video. Below there are two videos which evidence other pieces of work which have used this same concept.

From audience feedback we were told to try and eliminate most of the extreme cases of the auto focus. So we did this but kept some of it when we believed it was appropriate. Overall we are very happy with our performance footage and believe it looks good.

GG - Change in narrative

After receiving our audience feedback we have decided to add two more scenario's to our music video. This will bring the overall to five, plus performance. The idea is to have 3 of the 5 scenario's to end in an argument, and 2 to end well. We are going to keep the original three, but film two more.

Our idea is to have the couple walking beside a river hand in hand, they will also feed the ducks etc.. This will be happy memory. Our second new idea is for them both to be having a meal together, for the females birthday. This will build up to an argument after the female glances at the males phone as he is texting someone.

Instead of having all the memory's coming from the photos, we have decided to use objects in the room to create the memory. For example, a birthday card which leads to the memory of the birthday meal. The card will be in a bin, then we will cross cut to the memory.