Monday, 5 December 2011

TW - Idea 4

My 4th idea is Song 2 by Blur. This was made in 1997 which means that making a video for this would be no
problem, as it is now 14 years on.

The idea is to have cross cuts between performance and narrative, with the band being in both aspects. It would
begin with performance until the first lyrics begin, in which it would change to a man walking, he would lip
sync with a various range of cuts. The lyrics would not match the narrative though. The man will be walking
in dark attire down a long road, with occasional shots from an ELS shot from the end of the road in
order to show the distance they walk, and possibly some slow motion.
Every now and again throughout the walk another member of the band will appear, until finally there will
be all 4 band members at the end of the alley, the camera will then track them as they turn a corner
in slow motion, into the middle of a road. The will then stop there as another group come out opposite
them. They will then run at each other and a side view of them almost clashing when it cuts to black to
end the video.
My inspiration for this idea came when watching This is England and Green Street as this song is
commonly used in user made football videos on social media such as youtube, and the collison idea
came from Green Street especially to give an indication of football hooliganism, or hooliganism in general.

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