Monday, 28 November 2011

GG - Music Video Idea/3 - The Swing Movement (The Town or The City)

My reason for choosing The Swing Movement is because we would have easy access to the band, also we have all the instruments to film with. My idea would consist of mainly the performance aspect of music videos.

We would film a huge range of shots of the band playing in my basement at home, this would cover around half of the video. The rest would be a narrative of a male or female character struggling to come to terms with city life. We would create an impression of unhappiness and a sense of suffering as the person walks the city streets of Leeds. We will pick quite a rough area of Leeds to film, the main character will just be walking through the streets looking at his surroundings, this being the tall building and all the people who surround him. We would film the narrative aspect in black and white to create a sense of uncertainty. 

We will use a range of slow a fast takes, whilst also using transitions to cut between the two scenarios. 

I believe if I look at some of the Arctic Monkeys videos they will help with this idea. 


  1. Going by the new blog look, seems you're intending to follow this one?
    I see no sign on Tom's blog of any ideas; remember, about 5 clear ideas each, thoroughly discussed and debated/examined, was the notion.
    Try to be in a position to really flesh out at least one - eg by actually taking the time to look at AM vids - before the next lesson

  2. The background can always change if we change idea (again). But our practice footage is to a Swing Movement song and as it stands we will be going with this band.


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