Sunday, 11 September 2011

Music Video deconstruction 4

Band: Arctic Monkeys
Song: A View From The Afternoon
DirectorJim Abiss
Year: 2006
Genre: Indie Rock
Audience: 16-24
The video is based around a young male in a parka jacket playing the drum part of the song in the middle of a courtyard between blocks of high rise flats. Then, there is a sequence of surreal elements; an Indian schoolgirl walks past wearing plastic devil horns; a running fox; three men trying to attract his attention of the drummer who ignores them; the drummer is fed milk by the schoolgirl and then a brief shot in color of him washing himself in shallow water. The music stops and it is revealed that his drumming has led his hands to bleed. Then, a shot of a man in the dark wielding a baseball bat; a brief shot of the moon which then appears to explode; and the man struggling to lift the baseball bat. Finally the man with the bat comes near to the drummer and is about to strike him but the audio stops and we see a last shot of the male being showered in what could be rain or the fragments of the moon... Source: Wikipedia

  • Firstly, the music video is based around a boy in a parka jacket. He is playing the drum beat to the song, surround by a housing estate believed to be set in the bands home land of 'Sheffield' where they all grew up. 
  • We then see an Indian schoolgirl walks past, she later in the video feeds him milk from a carton, this showing her sympathy towards him.
  •  Three men then walk past him, they are intimidating figures. They through what looks to be chips at him, but he continues to play the drums still looking very uncomfortable. 
  • The music then stops, a mid shot of the drummers hands reveal he has been bleeding.  
  • Then, a shot of a man in the dark wielding a baseball bat followed by a brief shot of the moon which then is shown to explode.  
  • Finally the man with the bat approaches the drummer and appears to attempt to strike him, but the music stops. 
  • We then get a final shot of what appears to be the exploded moon crumbling onto him.
  •  The whole music video is filmed in black and white, this helps show how run down the surrounding area is.

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