Sunday, 11 September 2011

Music Video deconstruction 2

Band: Kings Of Leon
Song: Four Kicks
Director: Ethan Johns and Angelo Petraglia 
Year: 2005
Genre: Rock, alternative rock
Audience: 16-24
The song's music video shows the band playing in a lobby where a massive fight breaks out spontaneously with people in the lobby when the band start playing the song. During the fighting the room is lit in red; but whenever Caleb is singing the red light goes out and the people fighting freeze in mid air... Source: Wikipedia

  • The music video 'Four Kicks' starts with the four piece band centred in a room, they are lined up with all their instruments as if they are about to play a gig. They are surrounded by a selection of people who fill the room around them.
  • Spontaneously whenever the lead singer, Caleb Followill, isn't singing the section of people start to fight. However when he starts to sing again they all freeze.
  •  The camera moves from the band to the on-going fight throughout using a range of camera shots. Also when the fight starts the lighting changes to red, with the colour red signifying anger and blood it links well to fighting. 
  • Because the lyrics are mainly about anger and the songs name has 'kicks' in it, this helps show the bands and producers idea for this video of violence.
  • Overall I believe the idea of a live performance and a basic narrative work really well together, and will be an idea I will consider. 

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