Sunday, 11 September 2011

Music Video deconstruction 5

Band: Muse
Song: Starlight
Director: Rich Costey
Year: 2006
Genre: Alternative/space rock
Audience: 16-24 
Muse worked with Paul Minor on Starlight's music video, which was filmed in Los Angeles. In the video, the band perform on the deck of the MS Ocean Chie, a handysize bulk carrier. Band members are also carrying flares, in an attempt to "get rescued," but in the end this fails and they are abandoned. This relates to the song's lyrics, which mentions ships and abandonment... Source: WIkipedia 

  • The whole of this video is filmed on a boat, it is a high budget music video for one of their biggest songs. 
  • The whole video is performance and all shot in colour, they use a range of shots from high angles of the boat to close ups of the lead vocalist. 
  • The video gives the impression that they have been playing all throughout the day, this is shown through the song starting at day, then progressing to the night.  
  • During the climax of the song fireworks appear to be going off, also flares. This creates a powerful feeling, also the idea that the video is coming to an end. Firework signify celebration. 

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