Monday, 5 December 2011

TW - Idea 3

My 3rd idea is to use To The Bone by The Swing Movement. This is George's brother's band therefore
filming performance footage would be very easy, compared to getting other bands. I had this idea on Friday,
and after speaking with George, we both like the song as an initial project. It was made in 2008 but 
no video has been created for this song.

The idea would be of a male character walking around, with lots of close ups from snori cam in particular,
looking around at people. many people are staring back at him, and this causes paranoia inside him and 
he begins to become agitated, This would continue until he finally snaps and proceeds to push around one 
particular person who is staring at him. The violence escalates and he ends up slamming the person to 
the floor, and walking away, while everyone stares at him, this time with reason. He would then break 
into a run, people still looking at him, and his pace increases until he is going full pace. His destination 
is his house and the last shot would be of him opening his door, and slamming it behind him, before 
he walks into a deserted living room, which would be just darkness, no lighting. This would meet the 
eerieness of the song, and a winter atmosphere would only add to an eerie theme.

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