Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Swing Movement - Sample Scene 2

Here is our first sample scene for our narrative idea. This was meant to show the traveling aspect of our music video. Filmed on a HD camera and edited on Final Cut.


Target Audience and feedback.

Monday, 12 December 2011

GG - Research into Digipaks (Alternative/Indie)

I have looked at five digipak examples from home for our specific genre of our music video (alternative/indie). After previously looking at the main codes and conventions in an earlier post, I am now going to be more specific and look at ones closely linked to our band.

Here is my previous post on digipaks:

The five bands I chose to look at were:
  • White Lies
  • The Libertines
  • Arctic Monkeys
  • Warpaint
  • The Strokes

My first observation clearly showed that on all digipaks the song titles were presented on the back, although none of them had song length included. I also noticed that all of them consisted of barcodes, record label logo's and website information. These were always presented at the bottom of the pack.

Another observation showed that predominantly the front covers were plain and lacking any creative imagery (apart from The Libertines). They mainly consisted of the band name, and a single image or design. The 'Arctic Monkeys' case only consists of an image and nothing else, they rely heavily on advertisement of the image.

Finally, I noticed that inside all of the digipaks they consisted of a booklet. Inside it mainly had the lyrics to all the songs and some band information. Also it had imagery of behind the scenes and artistic design work.

Friday, 9 December 2011

GG - Things I have learnt using Final Cut Express

Today I discovered how to use multi layering, reverse shots, how to use special effects, how to use transitions and finally how to export it.

Firstly I learnt how to multi layer two or more shots together. (Place the clip above the clip you want to layer it with and select the above clip, go to motion, make the scale smaller, click on the centre button, then finally play around with the opacity. This has made our shots look much more professional and less boring to watch, it can help us create a sense of confusion for our main protagonist.

Secondly I learnt how to reverse shots, we will find this very helpful when shooting the shot of our protagonist travelling away. (Insert, modify, speed and finally reverse).

Thirdly I learnt how to use special effects to change the on screen look of the shot. This gives them a better look and can create a sense of confusion. (Select the clip you want ,effects, video filters then select the one you want).

Finally I learnt how to export clips from Final Cut to a portable file for youtube and other sites. This now means I can share all of my work onto internet sites like 'vimeo' and 'Youtube'.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Our Treatment

The Swing Movement - Jigsaw (Treatment)

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

GG - Final Idea

We have decided on the track 'Jigsaw' by 'The Swing Movement' to incorporate with our initial idea for our video. We believe this song will fit the needs of a 'face paced' drum beat and the lyrics can match with the scenario we planned.

The idea is two have both performance and narrative going on in the video, although they don't link. The male in the video will be running away from what appears to the viewer as a failed relationship. This will be portrayed through the use of flashbacks. We will create the look of these shots being in the past through editing them to make them black and white, we will also add a white flash before the shot comes on. We will film the male running away through driving away, then breaking down and finding a bike, then his tier pops and he runs the last part of his journey. Currently we are going with the idea that the viewer never finds out where the male ends up, but this could change.

The performance aspect will consist of the band practising in my basement, it will be shot like our first sample footage. We have had confirmation that at least two of the original band will be able to film. This will cross cut with the narrative throughout the whole video.

 Jigsaw (Single Version) by TheSwingMovement

We have taken two sets of practise footage, one consisting of performance, and one with narrative. We have learnt through this process some of the problems we may face when filming such as; road restrictions. These videos have also helped us learn new skills on Finalcut.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

First sample footage (performance)

Here is our first sample scene for our performance footage. Filmed on a D300s and edited on iMovie.

TW - Right Here Right Now Idea 1 - Problems

We have constructed 2 ideas for this song, the first being shot with a band and one member being left behind 
and having o make his own way to where they are playing. George has detailed this idea on this blog post
After talking about this, I have seen the following problems in our idea, in which we have to overcome:

  • How do we shoot the opening scene? Do the band leave him behind AFTER packing his stuff, 
  • seemingly forgetting he is in the van. Should the band member run after the vehicle shouting, throw 
  • drumsticks etc?
  • Can we attain a van to shoot this scene with? A simple band practice or location where instruments 
  • are already set up would be an easier idea.
  • How many scenarios and modes of transport will be needed for the video? an the cast member ride 
  • a skateboard for example? In the winter will we be able to shoot in a forest/river.
  • Do the band realise they have left him behind IF we go this way and not have band practice?
  • Should we involve some lip syncing to the main lyric 'Right here right now'? Possible shot is a very 
  • fast paced, panning shot around in a snori cam angle, the main band member(one who is left behind) 
  • saying these lyrics?
  • How do we end the video?Performance? Going on to play? simple band practice as initially suggested?
  • Will we need permission from crowd members, how many will we need?
  • Finding a set location for the end scene IF we go with the idea of performance to a live audience in 
  • the final scene
  • Is there anyone he meets on the way? This is very unlikely and will only be used to aid the narrative, 
  • if need.
  • Could he possibly miss the performance, turn up to late? Narrative enigma if they let him back in the 
  • band?
  • Do we need performance footage in between shots of the band member trying to get to the venue?
All of these problems will be talked through by myself and George, and when we have a final idea with no 
problems we will do a full blogpost on how we have avoided the problems and how we intend to make this 
plan a success.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Videos linked to our idea (draft)

TW - Idea 1

My first idea is Hunting For Witches by Bloc Party. Although this song had a music video made in 2007, 
in the year of release, the video is purely of performance. This would mean as long as our idea differs 
from this, the video will be completely different in every aspect.

My idea would be to have increasingly fast paced shots of a paranoid character from 0- 25 seconds 
as it meets the strangeness of the song opening. It can then be cross cut from black and white, to 
showcase the past, to colour as to how he has got to where he is, which is the paranoid feeling of being 
followed. The black and white would show the character watching the news, and seeing a report on 
'witches' to meet the song lyrics. The cross cutting would see how he reacts to the report, and then 
shots of him trying to escape, and seeing people in hoods to be the 'witches'. The news report would 
meet the lyrics of 1:02. After the initial paranoia, the character would run to the loacation of the band 
playing (as performance shots would be included), and recruit them to go 'hunting' for the 'witches'. 
The final shots of the video would be of the group chasing the 'witches' into the woods, and the main 
character getting lost, he stumbles and as he turns he sees all of the hooded figures around him, 
indicating they will decide his fate.

TW - Idea 2

My 2nd idea is How Your Remind Me by Nickelback. Both the song and it's video was created in 2001 and 
is still extremely popular today.

My idea would again include performance shots, whilst the narrative would show the protagonist 
struggling with day to day life, as he is constantly reminded of a past relationship. This could 
be shown by having the woman seemingly appear in situations such as escaping a robbery, driving, 
or anything that could take his mind of an important situation, as these are early ideas that can be 
changed or improved. The idea is that seeing his ex partner will in short ruin all activity that is 
important or could be a big deal for him. Eventually, he will get extremely frustrated and go on a 
rampage in his house, destroying anything related to his ex, or just anything that crosses his path, 
beginning with a photo of them both together, that he rips in 2 to show the separation.

TW - Idea 3

My 3rd idea is to use To The Bone by The Swing Movement. This is George's brother's band therefore
filming performance footage would be very easy, compared to getting other bands. I had this idea on Friday,
and after speaking with George, we both like the song as an initial project. It was made in 2008 but 
no video has been created for this song.

The idea would be of a male character walking around, with lots of close ups from snori cam in particular,
looking around at people. many people are staring back at him, and this causes paranoia inside him and 
he begins to become agitated, This would continue until he finally snaps and proceeds to push around one 
particular person who is staring at him. The violence escalates and he ends up slamming the person to 
the floor, and walking away, while everyone stares at him, this time with reason. He would then break 
into a run, people still looking at him, and his pace increases until he is going full pace. His destination 
is his house and the last shot would be of him opening his door, and slamming it behind him, before 
he walks into a deserted living room, which would be just darkness, no lighting. This would meet the 
eerieness of the song, and a winter atmosphere would only add to an eerie theme.

TW - Idea 4

My 4th idea is Song 2 by Blur. This was made in 1997 which means that making a video for this would be no
problem, as it is now 14 years on.

The idea is to have cross cuts between performance and narrative, with the band being in both aspects. It would
begin with performance until the first lyrics begin, in which it would change to a man walking, he would lip
sync with a various range of cuts. The lyrics would not match the narrative though. The man will be walking
in dark attire down a long road, with occasional shots from an ELS shot from the end of the road in
order to show the distance they walk, and possibly some slow motion.
Every now and again throughout the walk another member of the band will appear, until finally there will
be all 4 band members at the end of the alley, the camera will then track them as they turn a corner
in slow motion, into the middle of a road. The will then stop there as another group come out opposite
them. They will then run at each other and a side view of them almost clashing when it cuts to black to
end the video.
My inspiration for this idea came when watching This is England and Green Street as this song is
commonly used in user made football videos on social media such as youtube, and the collison idea
came from Green Street especially to give an indication of football hooliganism, or hooliganism in general.

Friday, 2 December 2011


Discussing anamatic's and storey boards. How they will help us.