Saturday, 5 November 2011

TW - New Idea - 'Superman' By Lazlo Bane

George and I have recently had doubts about filming a music video for Right Here Right Now by Fatboy Slim,
 and after brief location scouting throughout the october half term, we decided our idea was not the best.
This led us to change our idea to Lazlo Bane'sSuperman, which is most recognized
as the theme song to the hit TV show, Scrubs.

Our new idea is very narrative based, with aspects of a performance. The narrative
would centre around a young man's endeavours and how he fails to achieve his goals,
until, meeting the lyrics, he becomes 'superman' (which would be met with a costume
 and screen effect) and he succeeds. However, at the end, he meets a girl who likes him for
 who he is and not superman, so he dumps the costume which would meet the main lyric of the song,
 'I'm no superman'. This narrative would be cross cut with scenes of the same
character playing an acoustic guitar and lip syncing with the lyrics of the song.

Early ideas for location is Ilkley, perhaps at the bandstand or in a spot commonly used
 by street performers. We also have plans to use a snori-cam to show the change between normal and
superman outfit. We also have plans to cast Jeremy Whitehead as the lead actor for
 the video (see right). Jeremy can play a guitar extremely well and has proven
 in the past to show great effort with lip syncing duties when required, so this experience
will prove extrememly useful.

Here is the song we are basing our idea on, and with it the music video that was
 originally created for it. It is a concept video with performance and shots of on
set footage from Scrubs, with lip syncing in the performance shots. Both these
 methods have been intertwined with shrinking the footage and allowing it to be
 played next to each other, showing more than one piece of footage at once.

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