Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Pitch Idea 2

Artist: The Swing Movement
Song: Keep It Red
Released: 2007
Length: 3.46

I have decided that a possibility for my pitch will be 'The Swing Movement - Keep It Red.' This is because I believe it will be easiest to achieve.
Reasons being:

  • Easy access to the band. 
  • Existing footage that I have gathered from a while ago, including both gigs and band practice shots. 
  • A full understanding of the lyrics after a brief down from the vocalist. 
  • It is an easy song to put a narrative alongside band performances. 
  • There will be no copyright issues. 
My current idea is to include both a narrative and footage of the band playing as a whole. With a fully functional band practicing room in my basement I have full access to all their instruments and amps. This would be perfect for filming in. 

                     I am yet to decide on an idea for the narrative, but I am productively trying to think of an idea. Research into the genre is helping me come up with a rough idea though which I shall continue to do. 

This is a music video made by Joe Gamble in 2007. The audio is an old recording and since then they have re recored. 
A link to their myspace page -

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