Sunday, 11 September 2011

Music video deconstruction 7

Band: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Song: Heads Will Roll
"Heads Will Roll" is the second single released by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs from their third album, It's Blitz!. The CD and 7" commercial singles were released in the UK on June 29, 2009. It was also used in the video game Gran Turismo 5. The song was remixed by Kanye West's former touring DJ A-Trak... Source: Wikipedia

  • With the 'Yeahs Yeah Yeahs' having a very futuristic sound, it proved right to inflict this onto their video. The clothes are shiny and colourful representing the future, and the same is seen in the setting with the bright lighting. 
  • They use of common convention for their genre by when an instrument is introduced in the audio, visually the band member comes on screen playing that instrument. 
  • It has narrative and performance aspects to it. 
  • During the steady part of the song we see very long takes are shown. But as the pace of the video increases, so does the number of shots and the pace of the editing. 
  • The red in the eyes of the wolf signify evil and horror. 

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