Wednesday, 7 December 2011

GG - Final Idea

We have decided on the track 'Jigsaw' by 'The Swing Movement' to incorporate with our initial idea for our video. We believe this song will fit the needs of a 'face paced' drum beat and the lyrics can match with the scenario we planned.

The idea is two have both performance and narrative going on in the video, although they don't link. The male in the video will be running away from what appears to the viewer as a failed relationship. This will be portrayed through the use of flashbacks. We will create the look of these shots being in the past through editing them to make them black and white, we will also add a white flash before the shot comes on. We will film the male running away through driving away, then breaking down and finding a bike, then his tier pops and he runs the last part of his journey. Currently we are going with the idea that the viewer never finds out where the male ends up, but this could change.

The performance aspect will consist of the band practising in my basement, it will be shot like our first sample footage. We have had confirmation that at least two of the original band will be able to film. This will cross cut with the narrative throughout the whole video.

 Jigsaw (Single Version) by TheSwingMovement

We have taken two sets of practise footage, one consisting of performance, and one with narrative. We have learnt through this process some of the problems we may face when filming such as; road restrictions. These videos have also helped us learn new skills on Finalcut.

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