Sunday, 1 April 2012

GG - The Swing Movement (One shot perf vid)

Here is some work I have done, we plan to include it in our digipak as a 'special edition' offer. It is performance footage shot all in one take, it is all in time. This will help widen our target audience because people who aren't really interested in the music, might enjoy the creativity and use a similar idea when making their own videos.

An example of another band using this idea are called 'The Plastics'. They created a music video which has all been shot doing one take. However, ours differs from the idea that only one band member is in shot whereas, in their video they are all in shot. The Pixies have also used a similar idea. They created a video which contained one shot of all the band members running down a hill in slow motion. They idea was to stand out against the common codes and conventions, they were more about the music then the image of the band. It was a kind of protest against the stereotypical music video for an alternative band. 

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