Thursday, 23 February 2012

GG - Attracting to our target audience

In this post I am going to look at how in our third rough cut, we have used locations, clothing, actions etc..  to help appeal to our primary target audience of 15-24.

With the narrative being based around a relationship, it is around this age where romance starts playing a big role in someones life. People experience break-ups and can relate to the experience viewed on screen. This also helps us appeal to our secondary audience, females, through the use of a 'rom-com' like genre being used. One of the clothing codes we decided on was for the female to be wearing a red jacket in the first scenario. After playing around with colouring and layering whilst editing, I managed to make the jacket significantly stand out. The idea was to make it signify romance and love, thus further linking it to our secondary audience.

We filming both our actors, I asked them to act as if I wasn't there, then I went around filming them from a range of different angles. This makes the shots more believable, as if they are closely connected to one another.  

We used two actors for the narrative within this age gap, although as you can see we try to avoid showing to much of them on screen to help create a narrative enigma. 

Overall, I believe that we have managed to attracting our target audience well. There is still work that needs to be done whilst editing but after that I believe our main/primary target audience will be ableto ralte closely to the video. 

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