Wednesday, 8 February 2012

TW - Viral Ad Campaign

Initial draft
For our advertisement task, I decided to take a viral route for one of our ads, as 
viral marketing
 has become increasingly popular and it's use is now profound in today's media.
Our viral ad, uses a QR code that can be scanned from smart phones, and the scan 
will take you to a youtube link,  that shows the performance cut of the song, 'Jigsaw'. 
This is because the performance draft has been competed, so we can showcase it in
 it's entirety before we incorporate our narrative shots.

Designing the Ad, I decided to take a route opened up from the name of the song,
 and use a Jigsaw piece. I used a jigsaw puzzle template, then left some pieces that
 were needed as white, with the remaining pieces in black, seemingly not there. I then 
added the track title, and the band name, as you can see, over a black background, in 
white, so that it appeared white on black on white, in terms of layering. This however 
looked too basic, and was neither complex enough to be magazine ad, nor simple 
enough to be an interesting viral ad.

I then changed my idea, and used the one jigsaw piece, and instead of any words, i placed simply the QR code
 in the jigsaw piece, with the black background highlighting the white jigsaw piece.

The jigsaw track name remains, and the QR code provides people to instantly scan, as the ad is very hard to 
depict without using it. The basic black and white colour scheme draws the eye, and if needed, the background 
could even change to other colours, and perhaps have the same shot 4 times in a window style.

Completed viral ad

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