Tuesday, 28 February 2012

GG - Editing vid on iMovie

Video Effects
Recently I have been editing the footage that me and Tom have taken on the software iMovie (version 9.0.4). We filmed all of our work on a Nikon D300s with included '720p / 24 fps HD video recording', and then imported it straight into iMovie, we are yet to edit any work on Final Cut but plan to very soon. 

I found editing on iMovie very simple, this may be down to its lack of special effects available but for what we needed, it was perfect! 

I started off by selecting all the clips I wanted from the events section and moved them into the project itself. This was very time consuming due to all the shots having to fit to the audio. In between shots I inserted transitions during selected sections, these were mainly used to show a flashback or a memory. 

Once all the shots were in place, I went about removing all the original audio from the clips, this again was very time consuming. 
Changing the Saturation
As seen in the video I have used three different effects on the clips. For the performance I used the 'Hard Light' video effect. I personally think this effect works really well because it helps disguise the fact we filmed in a basement through making the background image harder to see. For the photo scenes we used a 'Black and Whie' video effect, this helping show it is in the past. Finally I used a 'Dream' video effect for the memories. But I also played around with the saturation which gave the shots more light. 

This is our final edit in iMovie and now we hope to move onto using Final Cut to incorporate the cross cut effect. 

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