Sunday, 10 July 2011

Problems and Limitations

..... I may face when making a music video!

  • Dance Choreography is a trained skill that you cannot achieve without any training. When making a video we have to be aware it will be hard to achieve the same high standard as in professional production.
  • Costs, we cannot spend lots of money on cranes, special effects and products, such as; flashing lights and big fancy cars. 
  • Props, actors and location...  All three will play a big part when producing our music video. Getting a professional (or good) actor/actress can be difficult. A way in which I plan to avoid this problem is through using the majority of footage of the band I plan to choose performing live, including a small narrative. Location will be decide nearer the time and shouldn't be too much of a problem living in such a scenic area as Ilkley. 
  • Lip sinking is a skill that can only be mastered through a lot of hard work and practice. Using an actually band, of which we can gain footage of them performing live will help us overcome this problem. 

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