Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Coursework task

We have been set the task of producing a music video for our chosen song. We are to look at a range of videos and select what we think are the common codes and conventions.

An music video with I believe is a good example would be 'Arctic Monkeys' with their song 'The View From The Afternoon'. This video provides a brilliant range of shots and the narrative is throughly well thought.

A bad example of a music video would be 'Britney Spears' with her song 'Womanizer'. Because she is not known for having a great voice her videos mainly focus on her and the male gaze. The lack of a narrative and the 'cheesy' dance moves make this video poor.

In order for me to make a good video I will have to look at videos within my genre of choice. Here I will take down the common codes and conventions and apply them to my video.

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