Monday, 11 July 2011

Mini-vid reflection

We have now completed all the planning, filming and editing of our mini-vid. I have found the process very helpful in my learning both through using the HD cameras and when using 'final cut'.

I have had starter lessons on Final Cut so I already knew the main basis of the program. This experience however helped me refresh on how to use it, also I learnt a new skill of cross fading two shots together. This will be very helpful for when we come to editing our final work.

We only had to shoot 30 seconds of footage which meant we only had time to either film narrative or performance, we chose to film the narrative aspect. This concept consisted of an idea that the young boy was getting bullied by a group of older males. This was an idea selected around the name of the song 'clubbed' meaning beaten.

Overall I believe the experience will help me when we come to making our own video. The use of 'cross cutting' I believe will be very effective in a narrative and performance video.

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