Friday, 4 November 2011

GG - Deconstruction of Wolfmother - Dimension

Band: Wolfmother
Song: Dimension
Year: 2006
Length: 1.46

Brief Overview
The video starts with shots of the band in colour playing their instruments. This only lasts a few seconds and then we go to the main part of the video. The image changes to black and white with a mountain like background. Throughout the rest of the video we just see a performance narrative in the same area.

Overall, this video is not to the highest standard. It lacks shot variety, it is all shot in one room and all in black and white. We do however see some of the codes and conventions of a typical music video. For example we see a lot of shots of the main lead singer, we also see the use of lip sinking, and finally close ups of the instruments being played. However this video has no narrative at all, it is all performance.

It is believed that Wolfmother made this video how it is to make a statement. They want to go against all the norms of a traditional music video, also they want to keep that rock 'n' roll look of not going with the norm. This proved to be a successful move for the band.

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