Wednesday, 16 November 2011

GG - Key Influences on our video idea

When thinking of an idea for our chosen band, we found looking at the Arctic Monkeys work was very helpful especially when it came to the music video itself.

The video for 'Teddy Picket' really helped us decide how we wanted to film our performance footage. They used a lot of close-up shots and shaky camera work. This made their video look more like a documentary and we liked this look.

Our narrative was set out to be based around a relationship breakdown. We looked at a lot of rom-coms to help us think of ideas of how we could show this on screen. We looked at a clip from the film 'Break Up' which showed a couple having an argument. I thought that this would help me when directing the actors through using more body language because we cannot usual speech.

Although we have both performance and narrative in our video we have no plan in making them link. Non of the band members will play a role in the narrative.

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