Monday, 14 November 2011

GG - Narrative and Performance in Music Videos

Narrative - Story on going in the video, can be something that links to the lyrics.
Performance - The band or the instruments being played on screen along to the song.
Not all music videos consist on both Narrative and Performance. You can either get an all performance video, or all narrative video. These are becoming much less common.
In modern day videos they mainly consist of both narrative and performance. A great example of this would be Coldplay - Fix You. The narrative links in well with the lyrics, this is commonly used in most music videos, the link between lyrics and whats going on on screen. Also the performance aspect of this video was done at a live concert, filmed on set. This works well with the rest of the video.

In mine and Toms music video we plan to use both performance and narrative. The narrative will be linked with the idea of 'Superman' explain in a previous post and the narrative will be based on our main male playing guitar on the streets singing along to the lyrics of the song.
We believe this will work really well together, also it will create a better video because it will be more interesting to watch.

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