Friday, 4 November 2011

GG - Representations of Women in music videos

Representations of women in music videos are very clear and obvious. For a few Pop and R&B female music artists they are not seen for having a 'good voice', they are seen for their 'good bodies' also known as the male gaze. An example of this would be 'Britteny Spears', for most critics she doesn't have a great voice, but this hasn't stopped her from being successful. A lot of her albums are sold through young girls aged 12-16 aspiring to be her, they look up to her. Also a she has a huge male audience, this is down to her looks, she attracts the males through the use of her music videos that portray her in a 'sexual' way.

Another is Avril Lavigne, she started her career with a 'skater boy' look. This proved to be a success at first but as the times changed, so did their tastes in genre. This meant she had to do something different in order to carry on being a success. She changed genres and became more focused around the 'pop' genre. She then came back into the spotlight achieving lots of number ones in the charts.

Females are used in many music videos, from Death metal to Pop (as part on the video not the band). This can help attract to a wider audience, firstly the female audience but also increasing the male audience through the male gaze. An example of this would be 50 cent with his video 'Down On Me'. (An example is shown below).

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