Sunday, 9 October 2011

Bradford Film Festival Overview

We recently went to The co-operative film festival in Bradford to view fellow friends work on screen and to take part in activities going on there.

My day started with learning about the 'green screen.' This is a very communally used way of pretending to be somewhere when you are actually not there. The actor stands in front of a coloured wall and then through the use of clever technology what appears on screen is different. This is a very expensive way of producing a shot and one we cannot do, but learning about it was very interesting, plus we got to have a go.

We then went to look at special effects and make-up (advanced.) Here we learnt how they make cuts on bruise on screen for films and videos. We were surprised at how basic it was and easy to do. This was only a short session, but in films such as; Harry Potter, it can take hours to do make-up. Also in music videos such as; slipknot.

We then went to view all of our colleges work in the main room. Here a range of short films were shown, showing the true talent around the Bradford and worldwide area. They all received t-shirts and certificates showing their achievement for getting but forward for people to view their work.

Finally, I went to Final cut (express) for beginners. I used this as a way of refreshing my memory on how to work the software and quick short-cuts. I found this very helpful towards my editing on the project.

Overall it was a very good day, I learnt a lot about the film and video industry and, It helped me come up with new ideas for my own music video.

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