Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Learning experiences from using Final Cut

Whilst editing our footage for our music video 'Threw It On The Ground,' I have learnt a lot about what you can do on the software.

Razor blade tool
  • With all the excess shots that we had, we had to cut a lot of it out. This involved using a tool called the 'razor blade tool.' This cuts the clip at the point which you choose. We then deleted the rest of the clip that we didn't need. (CTRL+BS) 
  • We have also found out how to import the videos in from Imovie. After uploading them all onto imovie we learnt how to import them all into final cut. This was a quick process. 
  • The main section of final cut that we used was the tool palette. This was were you find the razor blade tool. 
  • We have learnt how to slow clips down and also how to keep them to a good quality. You go on 'modify' then 'composition mode,' then 'screen' on the top display bar. This is a good way to slow the shot down whilst keeping the quality to a high level.

Creating this practice music video has really helped us to progress in all areas of producing a music video. We discovered how much work and time needs to go into the editing compared to when we did it using imovie. 

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