Friday, 7 October 2011

Pitch Idea

Artist: Fatboy Slim
Song: Praise you (Radio edit)
Released: 1999
Length: 3.24

I have decided that for my pitch I may choose to do 'Fatboy Slim - Praise you (radio edit.)' I believe that although this was a 'big hit' song, it will still be acceptable for me to work with it because it was such a long time ago. Reasons why I believe this will be a good idea:

  • The radio edit is a short soundtrack. 
  • With the genre being 'big beat' this allows plenty of room for me to be creative in this video. 
  • Their is no hidden meaning in the lyrics which would stop us from being able to explore with ideas or being stuck to one idea. 
  • It is a good quality soundtrack. 
I am yet to come up with a solid idea for the video. But I believe it would involve some sort of 'party scene.' This including a negative message about alcohol. 
           Or I would involve a singular person, someone with a lack of social skills and friends. The video would then be based around them and how they go on with life, following their footsteps. 

Fatboy Slim - Praise You on MUZU.TV

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