Sunday, 9 October 2011

History of FatBoy Slim

Norman Quentin Cook (born Quentin Leo Cook on 31 July 1963 in Bromley, England) better known by his former stage name Fatboy Slim, is a British DJ, electronic dance music musician, and record producer. He is a pioneer of the big beat genre that achieved mainstream popularity in the 1990s. Cook has achieved considerable success in the UK charts, performing as Fatboy Slim and with The Housemartins, Beats International, and Freak Power. He currently performs as the Brighton Port Authority.

The main reason for us choosing Fatboy Slim is because firstly, with his music being the genre 'big beat' we believe by choosing a dance song we can be more creative. We also believe that because his songs have limited lyrics attached to them, we will not be tied doing with meaning. Basically, we don't have to link the video to closely to the lyrics.                                   

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