Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Marking Gorlillaz 192000 Soulchild Remix

We have been set the task of marking a piece of last years A2 class, I have been given 'The Gorlilaz remix.'  I watched the video through several times and then, looked at the marking scheme. Here is what i though of the video.

  • Holding a shot steady, where appropriate. Excellent. Throughout the whole of this video, when the producer has intended on keeping a steady shot, they have successfully done so. There are obvious uses of a tripod to achieve this. 
  • Framing a shot, including and excluding elements as appropriate. Excellent. We see straight away great uses of framing. When you see empty bottles lying around the floor there is a slight dutch angle, this works really well and is done extremely well throughout. 
  • Using a variety of shot distances as appropriate. Excellent/proficient. We see a very good range of shot types from different distances, my only argument would be that in the car shots, the types of shots used could have been done slightly better, also a few more long shots. I would sway more towards excellent though. 
  • Shooting material appropriate to task set. Proficient. Although from a personal view I believe it is shot extremely well, the only problem it may come across is the message that is involved in the video. I would have given it excellent if it wasn't for this. 
  • Selecting mise-en-scene including colour, figure, lighting, objects and settings. Excellent. Throughout the whole video we see excellent uses of setting. At the party scenes the relevant things are shown on screen. The clothing represents the time period that the video is set. Lighting throughout is excellently done, especially at the end when the use of the fish eye camera comes in. This aspect was really impressive. 
  • Editing so that meaning is apparent to viewer. Excellent. The editing throughout the whole video is too a very high standard. The use of transitions is excellent, also the use of the fish-eye to represent that the protagonist is of a drunk nature. When he is skateboarding near the start, the use of the blurred effect really fits in well with the song. 
  • Using varied shot transitions, captions and other effects selectively and appropriately. Excellent. The use of shot transitions is too a very high standard. As I have already said, the blurred effect used is a good example of this. 
  • Using sound with images and editing appropriately for the task. Excellent. The music matches to the video throughout the whole video, what is on screen is relevant to the sound. Also is is obvious that the editing is incredibly done, especially at the party at the end. It is commonly well done all the way through. 
My mark would be 36/40

holding a shot steady, where appropriate;

Here is the mark scheme that I worked from.

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  1. Slightly generous, but good detail.
    When marking, its often the case that some aspects will be on the border of two levels - eg 'largely proficient, with some touches of excellence'
    Try to reflect (in a post) what you've learned from this task


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