Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Tracking/dolly/trucking shot

After watching the Sean Kingston music video 'Party All Night (Sleep all day),' I notice the use of the tracking shot was very predominate. I have noticed that this type of shot is used a lot in the latest music videos now so I decided to research how it would be achieved.

A tracking shot is when the camera is placed on a track, the the camera (whilst filming) is pushed a across (on a platform) the tracks. This is used to give a moving camera shot, whilst keeping the camera steady and still.

In Sean Kingston's video we see the camera being used to pass through/around two different party's. This is used to give the audience and full view of what is going on in the surrounding area. It passed through to what appears to the viewer as a wall.

In all types of filming this is a very commonly used shot. Although this process is very expensive and time consuming, it gives a very professional shot.

Because we dont/wont have the available technology to produce this type of shot, I have come up with alternative ideas. My thought is if we wanted to achieve this type of shot we could use a skateboard and wheel the camera across the floor. This would however not produce a perfectly steady shot. This could also be done with a chair with wheels on, but we would come across the same problems.

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