Tuesday, 10 January 2012

GG - Audience Feeback: Preformance footage

After a class viewing of our preformance footage, we had a discussion and looked at all the good and bad aspects of our work. Both me and Tom took notes on what was said:
  • Remove the dutch angle that appears in numerus shots, this can be done on final cut.
  • Good use of focus adjustment throughout the video, this is done through using a 'Nikon D300's' camera with a lense on it.
  • The video was well synced with the audio.
  • Too much focus on the lead singer. More shots of other band members.
  • More cut away shots of instrument pedals and amps.
  • Good use of camera movement throughout the video.
  • Possibly include more shots off all band members.
We have found all these points very helpful to work with and we believe they will help us improve our idea. Overall the feeling was that it was a very good first draft of the performance, and once we add narrative, it will work really well.

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