Tuesday, 31 January 2012

TW - Magazine Ad Analysis 1 - Artic Monkeys - Humbug Ad

I have chosen to analyze this advert as it is by The Artic Monkeys, which
 is one of the bands that George and I have taken influence from, with 
George even analyzing one of their digipak's for our research.

The band is very much alternative rock, with a hint of indie and other genres. It would be fair to say that rock is the wider aspect of their music, but when narrowed down 
it does fall into the alternative category. This particular advertisement has
 been featured across Europe for their album Humbug, and was created 
by DebutArt.

As you can see, the advert is quite bold and vivid in it's colour scene, 
although it does have a washed type feature to it which causes it to lose 
some of the vibrance and make the colours seem less eccentric.
The background is orange, and is fading from top to bottom. This is met 
by the colours of the words used on the ad, as 'Humbug', is most clear in 
colour, whilst '24 August 2009' is faded and is closer matched to the colour
 of the background, due to the fade effect.
The middle of the ad shows a band logo, possibly used exclusively for this 
album, and has the band name stenciled into the middle. The logo appears 
to be 2 faces, back to back, joined by what could be their hair, or a 
representation of collaborative minds in relation to creating the album.

The fact that the band name is used in a stencil effect, attracts attention to both the logo and the band name 
immediately, causing the reader to read the rest of the info, which is only small pieces of information, likely to 
remain in the audience's mind so they remember the advert and the info easily.

Whilst this magazine ad is fairly simple, it does the job and could be modeled or replicated if we chose to complete
 2 magazine ads, this being used as influence on the more simple of the 2 ads we would create.

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