Wednesday, 11 January 2012

GG - Music Video has been a success!

Since I shot and edited our first sample scene for our performance footage it has been a big hit. Previous managers and record labels have seen the video and been in contact with the band. This shows the power of youtube, also after receiving over 250 views in a week. The video has also been used to enter the band into a competition to win a chance to support for Graham Coxon on his British tour this April. The video was placed onto his website and you can now vote to give 'The Swing Movement' a chance to perform in Gateshead. It can be seen and done on the following website:

This video is only sample performance footage and we plan to add a love affair narrative to the performance. When all of this is shot we shall give the video to 'The Swing Movement' to help them keep on progressing in the music industry.

The video has been placed below:

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  1. excellent!
    just imagine then the impact of the actual, final vid! think about the tags you add when uploading to drive more traffic


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