Friday, 6 January 2012

GG - Performance Shooting

Me and Tom recently shot 'The Swing Movement' during a practise session to get some performance shots for our video. This proved to be very successful and the band were very helpful in meeting every demand we asked of them. We got each member to play the song through once, during this time we filmed them individually for the whole song. We then asked them to play it for a fifth and final time where we filmed them all throughout the song. During the time of shooting, we used one camera for filming, and one for photography.

I then edited all the clips together on imovie to create a music video focussing fully on performance. All the shots were in sync with the audio. This was mainly for personal experimentation, to check all the shots worked.

We filmed the performance on a Nikon D300s. This gave us the chance to film in and out of focus to create a hidden image to the band. This camera is used at many universities and colleges.

I am very happy with the final outcome and really pleased with the editing. we filmed around 30 minutes of footage leaving us lots to play around with. I will post the video up as soon as its on Youtube. 

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